Pomada de la Campana con Tepezcohuite

Pomada de la Campana con Tepezcohuite

Pomada de la Campana con Tepezcohuite For burns, dry skin and during pregnancy Moisturize,protect,heals,Vitamins A and E,Stimulates the regeneration process of the skin,Decreases burning and redness.

Pomada de la Campana

Pomada de la Campana con Tepezcohuite

For burns, dry skin and during pregnancy
Moisturize,protect,heals,Vitamins A and E,Stimulates the regeneration process of the skin,Decreases burning and redness.
Bell ® Ointment with Tepezcohuite protects irritated skin or minor burns, while stimulating the regeneration process.

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Pomada de la Campana con Tepezcohuite

for burns.
Burns are injuries suffered by our skin when exposed unprotected to certain elements such as heat, chemicals, electricity, ultra violet rays and radiation. There are also other types of burns that are called scalds, these occur when our skin comes into contact with hot liquids or steam, resulting in a blister. Burns are 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade, depending the damage they cause to the skin.

The first degree affect only the outer layer of skin, are easy to cure and non-scarring.
The second degree affect the top two layers of skin, dermis and epidermis, healing is a bit time-consuming and may leave a scar.
The third degree cause damage to the three layers of the skin, dermis, epidermis and hypodermis, his healing is slow and often scarring.

It is noteworthy that the irritated skin irritation or becomes not a burn, but equally it is usually very painful and even extends to lacerate the skin. Bell ® Ointment helps to prevent these types of situations, especially in cases where the burns are sun, thanks to zinc oxide, a substance that serves as a protective shield against ultraviolet rays, it is also astringent and antiseptic. Also, The Bell ® Ointment contains paraffin alatoina ingredients which act as accelerators in the regeneration process of the skin.

Pomada de la Campana con Tepezcohuite

Dry Skin.
Dry skin is not hydrated basically, this is due to factors that can be internal or external. The first may be that the body has alterations that hinder the skin stay hydrated and healthy look, the second may be due to climatic factors such as prolonged exposure to dry, cold climates or ultra violet rays, also the uncontrolled use soap and alkalis, can cause the skin to dry, having to take any special ointment.

Dry skin is characterized by:

  •      Has fine pores
  •      rough texture
  •      Color opaque or faded
  •      You can make peeling
  •      Tans with difficulty
  •      Tends to wrinkled
  •      Inelasticity
  •      Can become sensitive
  •      It does not tolerate soaps
  •      Hardly tolerate climate changes

This type of skin care is the most needed, in the morning you need to apply moisturizing cream or ointment and a nourishing night to keep it in good condition. As is likely to develop wrinkles and does not tolerate the climate changes, it is necessary to use creams or ointments with vitamins and sunscreens.

Pomada de la Campana con Tepezcohuite

During Pregnancy
Congratulations you're pregnant and be a mom, one of the most important stages in the life of every woman, therefore you should not in the least neglecting your health, as this impacts the health of your baby.

Taking into consideration these tips to maintain good health during pregnancy:

     Having good nutrition.
     Taking supplements that include at least 04 milligrams of folic acid (helps reduce the risk of developing congenital diseases by the baby) plus other vitamins.
     Frequent visits to the gynecologist.
     Ask your gynecologist will perform ultrasounds to check the health of your baby.
     Routine screening tests: blood pressure anomalies, problems with blood type, diabetes, immunity to rubella, sexually transmitted diseases, genetic disorders, among others.
     Avoid self-medication.
     No alcohol, snuff or drugs and limit caffeine.
     Do not use herbal teas.
     Moisturize your pielde steadily grow as it is so fast.

Depending on where you live the medical options that you can access to have a safe pregnancy and delivery are:

     Doctors specializing in obstetrics and gynecology.
     Certified nurse midwives.
     Family Physicians.
     Perinatologists, physicians specializing in very low-risk pregnancies.

If you feel any abnormality during pregnancy we recommend you call your doctor immediately, this should be conducted to rule out any possible complications in order to continue with the pregnancy as normal and safe for you and your baby.

Para que sirve la Pomada de la Campana

To remove stains armpits, put a few drops of lemon and apply it.

If you have dry skin, do not hesitate to use it.

It is also good to prevent wrinkles around the eyes and prevent dry lips.

If you want to have a beautiful hands, every night, religiously, put ointment of the bell to the elbows, your hands will be wonderful and will avoid age spots.

It also reduces freckles.

When to shave and you still have those pesky red dots, also can use

To exfoliate the entire body, mixed with sugar or salt grain,

It is also good for scrapes, burns, insect bites, remove the bruises.

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