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Easy Figure | herbal nutrition supplement

Be one of the many people that have seen results with this product! The ingredients in Easy Figure Sin Dieta are 100% natural. They clean the digestive system not allowing the accumulation of sugar and fat.


Easy Figure sin Dieta | Natural Slim Product

Easy-Figure Sin Dieta ® is a company concerned about good physical appearance. Thus has developed ancillary products in weight reduction, cellulite and stretch marks easily, without diet or exercise. In addition, products Easy-Figure Sin Dieta ® help fight various damages incurred by obesity.

Easy-Figure Sin Dieta ® began in 1996, with the search for products by combining seeds, cereals and herbal plants of the Mexican assist the body to maintain good digestion and healthy figure.

In 1997,  Easy-Figure Sin Dieta ®  given the task of proving their products with more than 5 000 people from different parts of the country, age and sex.

In 1998,  Easy-Figure Sin Dieta ®  comes to public light to publicize their products  regionally, beginning with a group of housewives unemployed women as our first independent vendors in the Bajío region, thus promoting their economic situation.

Due to the great acceptance of our customers, by the favorable results of the products, the development of our distributors was reflected in sales notoriously, therefore Easy-Figure Sin Dieta ®   conducted during 2000 the processing of records  relating to the Ministry of Health, obtaining his release in early 2001.

Since then we stand in the search for new products that help conserve and improve the physical appearance without diet or exercise.

Easy-Figure Sin Dieta ® is a product made in Mexico, 100% natural plant-based aid in the reduction fat, cholesterol, constipation and high triglycerides. Scientific studies at CINVESTAV support it.

Easy Figure Our Philosophy

Mission: To provide 100% natural products for men and women who want to feel and look good, without diet or exercise. Helping to develop a new image in his person.

Vision: Being a leading national natural products. Contributing to society job creation.

Values: Honesty, integrity, respect, teamwork, attention and service.

easy figure Natural Slim Product
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