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easy figure forte 30 capsulas

Be one of the many people that have seen results with this product! The ingredients in Easy Figure Sin Dieta are 100% natural. They clean the digestive system not allowing the accumulation of sugar and fat.

Easy figure Forte 30 capsulas 100% vegetales

Be one of the many people that have seen results with this product! The ingredients in Easy Figure Sin Dieta are 100% natural. They clean the digestive system not allowing the accumulation of sugar and fat.





Easy Figure | Easy Forte

'Easy Figure | Easy Forte
When taken every day it reduces the concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides while also eliminating constipation problems. Eat your 3 meals a day and lose weight with Easy Figure Sin Dieta! With your digestive system clean, your body will burn stored fat & you'll lose weight gradually without having to diet! Crunch obesity & start a healthy life!
Easy Forte
Auxiliar en problemas de sobrepeso. Corrige problemas de estreñimientoacción de sus componentes limpia el sistema digestivo evitando acumular los azucares y grasas que se ingieren diariamente; disminuyendo así la concentración del colesterol. Por su fórmula exclusiva trabaja con resultados visibles a través de su constante consumo a partir de los primeros 30 días.

Easy Forte | FAQ

  • How long before I see results? After the first 30 days as long as you follow the instructions and recommendations.
  • Does this product cause drowsiness? The treatment does not cause drowsiness. If this symptom persists, consult your doctor.
  • Does this product cause discomfort with the intestines and/or intestinal gas? This can happen if the stomach stays empty for a long time therefore it is recommended not to spend over 5 hours without eating a full meal. Feel free to eat your three full meals throughout the day along with the recommended snacks in between(i.e. bananas, red tomato, papaya, melon etc.)
  • When a person suffers from nervous colitis, is it normal to have abdominal pain? Normally the treatment does not cause abdominal pain or hardening. You might try taking the capsule at different times of day.
  • Should I be experiencing numbness of the arms and legs? When people do not consume sufficient foods rich in potasium (i.e. banana, red tomato, melon, orange, papaya etc.) these symptoms may occur.
  • In spite of taking the capsule I cannot clear my digestive tract due to constipation, what do you recommend? Take two capsules instead of one for two or three days maximum, plus sufficient water.
  • What do you recommend when you have diarrhea symptoms? Take only one capsule every third day with food such as banana, tomato, melon, & papaya and always drink sufficient amounts of water.
  • If after three months the desired results are not achieved, can we continue to take EasyFigure? It is suggested to stop taking the treatment for a week and then start over. The treatment is 100% natural.
  • If consumed does this treatment reduce hunger? In some people hunger is reduced, but it is very important to consume at least three meals a day. The burning of fat is helped along with digestion. Don't forget the recommended snacks in between!
  • If I have seen no results after three months of having used this treatment what is recommended? This may happen because of offsetting rebound diets or the past consumption of some other weight loss products. Other possible causes may be high cholesterol, high triglycerides and/or high blood pressure. The Easy Figure treatment may really help reduce your waistline. For optimum results it is recommended not to take this product until all other products are out of your system.
  • Does this treatment contain Iodine? No. Easy Figure Sin Dieta is 100% natural.
  • Does the treatment contain Fraile's Bone? No. Some people confuse the content of our product with Thevetia peruviana (Scientific name of the plant commonly called Fraile´s Bone), which has toxic properties. Easy Figure Sin Dieta comes from a different species, free of toxins and not harmful to humans.

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