Gel de Alcachofa Lipo Alcachofivida Reductive

Gel de Alcachofa Cont.240g

The perfect complement to the Artichoke Ampules and part of their full weight control system.

Gel de Alcachofa





Gel de Alcachofa Gn+Vida Cont. 350 g

The perfect complement to the Artichoke Ampules and part of their full weight control system.

Gel de Alcachofa Gn+Vida

Body Skin Toning Artichoke Gel By GN + Vida

The Reaffirming and Toning Alcachofivida Cream will aid you in eliminating the fat accumulated in certain difficult zones such as your mid section, the abs, the sides and the upper arms. The Lipo Alcachofivida Toning gel helps to increase the epidermic hydration and helps to prevent stretch marks, diminish flaccidity and at the same time firm up and tighten your skin! We often get loose skin as we lose weight rapidly (and with the help of the artichoke diet drink, eliminating that is always possible!) so the cream comes in very handy at preventing overly-loose skin in our body. It has ingredients used for a long time for astringents, for toning up skin and restoring firmness to it.

How to Use:

• Clean the area where the cream will be applied.

• Apply in your waist, abdomen, hips, arms, etc. all of the areas that you would like to reduce and firm up.

• Let the gel absorb into your skin before you cover up the areas with clothes, as clothes may rub the gel off the area before it has the time to penetrate and that could affect the effectiveness.

• We recommend that you use the Reducing & Reaffirming cream at least twice a day consistently, for best results.

Gel de alcachofa. GEL ARTICHOKE

alcachofa gel la presentacion en gel asegura que no mancha,no es pegajoso,tiene olor agradable,base agua.tu cuerpo lo absorve de inmediato, esto hace que penetre a las capas inferiores de tu piel que es donde se acumulan los depositos de grasa y asi poder eliminarlos.las cremas no hacen este efecto ya que tardan mucho en penetrar a la piel,siendo pegajosas y molestas al uso.

el gel no hace este efecto, es muy facil de aplicar y se absorbe en un 100% en tu piel.notaras los efectos de inmediato.

gel alcachofa,poderoso quemador de grasa,elimina celulitis, elimina estrias,elimina flacidez,pierde2 a 3 cm x semana. 


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