Menos Kilos Plus

Menos Kilos Plus centro botanico san juan|Dietary Supplement

menos kilos plus help you lose weight, 100% natural, Try and start to notice changes in your body, menos kilos plus is formulated for your body to assimilate the change without rebound

Menos Kilos Plus

Menos Kilos Plus

menos kilos plus help you lose weight, 100% natural,
Try and start to notice changes in your body,
menos kilos plus is formulated for your body to assimilate the change without rebound,
menos kilos plus ingredients:
Lima, Tecojote, Cocolmeca, lemon tea, Pinguica leaf
tlanchalagua vera, hibiscus, artichoke, pineapple.

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The artichoke is a plant that is abundant in the Mediterranean and is rich in amino acids, vitamin B, flavonoids, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.
Indeed, the artichoke itself is a good choice for weight loss. Their acids stimulate the activity of the gall bladder, which helps to burn fat.
The artichoke is like if you drink an energy drink as it contains a lot of glucose proteins among others, the most important vitamins and so important for our body is also present, such as The B6 among others, the benefits of the artichoke are extensive There are people who literally uses artichoke for all!,
One more bodies would benefit from liver artichoke, this is one of his best qualities, when a person is seriously ill with cirrhosis and liver eg this severely affected patient is encouraged to eat artichoke for the body to recover vitamins for the liver grip artichokes, their acids are those that leveled cholesterol and prevent even more serious illness may occur.
The artichoke reduces the level of sugar in the blood, property that becomes a food that helps fight diabetes. Artichoke has diuretic qualities, helping to eliminate body fluid, and therefore it is interesting in cases of obesity and for any condition where appropriate water removal and, therefore, of toxins, particularly in referred to uric acid. The artichoke, as is indicated in conditions such as gout, arthritis and circulatory or liver disease.
Some Recent studies seem to indicate the influence of caffeic acid, pantothenic and flavonoids from artichoke to prevent and improve processes in some types of cancer.

Menos Kilos Plus|Piña

The pineapple has micronutrients, which benefits the heart because it improves blood flow and protects the body from cancer cells. The pineapple, besides being a delicious fruit with a very special touch, is a tropical fruit of choice for consumers because it is nutritious and very healthy. Well, abundant vitamin C and B, is rich in minerals and dietary fiber and oak perfect for the digestive system. Furthermore, also known as pineapple or pineapple, allows take both raw and cooked. It is also important to highlight the characteristics of this fruit that provide medical treatment in many cases, such that:Pineapple juice is perfect for small, since it regulates and eliminates bacteria and parasites it may have.
The pineapple acts as anti-inflammatory, since it is composed of bromelain, an oak. It is very good for arthritis, gout, sinusitis or sore throat.The ripe pineapple is a diuretic. Since this fruit makes the kidneys have more activity and helps expel everything the body does not need.
Pineapple is one of those excellent home remedies for weight loss, you can have handy when you want to make a diet. It is ideal for short-term food regimes and low calorie consumption, why, fruit juices are replacing a higher level intake.
Among the benefits that pineapple to lose weight, you can keep in mind that it is activating metabolism and, in turn, facilitates digestion and elimination of fat. In addition, having many fibers and water, have diuretic and undermines digesivas infections and inflammation.

Menos Kilos Plus|centro botanico san juan


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