Restakil grano de cafe verde L-Carnitina y Cromo

Restakil grano de cafe verde L-Carnitina y Cromo Restakil is a supplement that is proven to work in combination: Coffee Bean (decaffeinated), L-carnitine.


Restakil grano de cafe verde L-Carnitina y Cromo

Restakil is a supplement that is proven to work in combination: Coffee Bean (decaffeinated), L-carnitine.

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Restakil Grano de Cafe Verde L-Carnitina y Cromo

Natural Treatment contains three highly effective substances for weight control:,
1.Garcinia Cambogia: It prevents the formation of fat acting on carbohydrate metabolism by inhibiting specific enzymes,
2.L-Carnitine stimulates fat burning to obtain energy directly from adipose tissue. (Especialmete fat abdomen, hips and arms),
3.Polinicotinato Chromium: Helps insulin metabolize fat, proteins transform into muscle and convert sugar into energy.

Restakil Grano de Cafe Verde L-Carnitina y Cromo

Decreases the conversion of glucose to fat, accelerates the metabolism of carbohydrates, increases the feeling of satiety.
Box with 60 Capsules.

Restakil Grano de Cafe Verde L-Carnitina y Cromo

Demonstrate the effectiveness of green coffee beans to lose weight


Based on our results, consume multiple capsules of green coffee extract a day, while following a low-fat diet and exercise regularly, seems to be a safe, effective and inexpensive way to lose weight, "says Vinson, a researcher at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

The study involved 16 overweight, or obese, aged between 22 and 26 years, who took capsules of green coffee extract, or placebo capsules for 22 weeks. The subjects alternated between a low dose and a higher dose of the extract-low dose consisted of 700 mg of the coffee extract, and the highest dose was 1,050 mg. On the other hand, controlled the participants' diet (calories, the food we ate, etc..) And exercise performed during the study period. "The calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein intake did not change during the study, nor the exercise regimen," said Vinson.

Participants lost an average of 8 kg during the 22 weeks of the study, an average of 10.5 percent decrease in total body weight, and experienced a 16 percent decrease in body fat. Vinson noted that previous studies have shown weight loss green coffee, but this was the first to use higher amounts of coffee extract and measure the response to various doses.

The expert believes that the effects of green coffee beans is due to a substance called chlorogenic acid, which is present in the unroasted coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid is broken when coffee beans are roasted, coffee beans roasting gives them their color, aroma and flavor, while green coffee beans, however, have little aroma, and a slightly bitter taste.

Restakil Grano de Cafe Verde L-Carnitina y Cromo

Green coffee is higher chlorogenic acid content, which prevents the infiltration of fat and activates the enzyme adenylate cyclose, which is capable of stimulating the metabolism of lipids.

One way to capitalize on the effects of green coffee is to use it topically, ie applying it directly in the areas where we want to exercise its lowering effect. Today there are products, topical application, containing green coffee extract and, therefore, help to shape the figure by virtue of the properties of the substance.

Green coffee is the unroasted coffee bean. In recent decades there have been numerous studies on its benefits and the findings show that green coffee weight loss helps to satisfy your appetite. For this reason it is increasingly used worldwide.

Green coffee satiates the appetite because it has a high content of phenolic compounds, including chlorogenic acid stresses, which increases intestinal secretion of neuropeptide GLP1. Neuropeptides are small proteins that are released in different parts of the organism that send signals when they reach the brain. Several studies have shown that our body releases in the intestine when GLP1 have eaten enough GLP1 then the brain sends a signal which activates the satiety centers, leading us feel full and removal appetite.

The caffeine in green coffee conferred on him also reducing properties. Caffeine is well known to stimulate the intellectual and physical activation, to facilitate digestion and combating migraine. Additionally, caffeine increases the calorie intake by the body, thus contributing to weight loss.

Some properties of green coffee

  •  Promotes thermogenesis
  •  Helps transform our fat reserves into heat energy, which contributes to weight loss more quickly.
  • Increase our lipolytic activity
  • Lipolytic activity is the ability to metabolize fats which are deposited in our white adipose tissue (the head of our figure).
  • Has antioxidant
  • Green coffee owes its antioxidant power to phenolic compounds, which are precisely antioxidants that attack free radicals, ie the molecules that damage cells and accelerate aging.
  • Fight cellulite
  • Because of its lipolytic and draining, green coffee extract is used in treatments for cellulite and eliminate fat.

Roasting, which is the coffee roasting process, reduces the caffeine content and also destroys the cafesterol and kahweol. These two substances have the particularity to enable the liver the action of an enzyme important: the glutathione-S-transferase or GST, which is responsible for activating the body's detoxification system, contributing to the elimination of pollutants such as pesticides and fumes from automobiles, among others.

No doubt the green coffee is a great ally of our figure, it significantly increases both weight loss as the ratio of muscle mass and fat. If we want to shape the difficult areas of our body, green coffee extract is a good option that should be considered.


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