Red Natura Be slim Kit


RED NATURA Weight Loss BUNDLE! Be slim caps Be lax tea and Chlorophyll Premium.

Kit Be slim

Kit Para Adelgazar Red Natura BE SLIM-CLOROFILA BE-LAX TEA

Baja de peso y moldea tu figura con el kit para adelgazar de red natura - 3 productos incluye 1 pastillas be slim, 1 clorofila premium y el be lax tea!!

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100% Natural
Controla el apetito y la ansiedad
Elimina el exceso de grasa acumulada
Disminuye la absorción de grasas que comes
Te ayuda a reducir tallas en forma rápida
Reafirma y da tono a tus músculos
Desintoxica tu organismo
Estabiliza tu metabolismo SIN REBOTE.
Genera un mayor nivel de energía
Tiene acción antioxidante
Reduce colesterol y triglicéridos hasta sus niveles normales
Te ayuda a eliminar líquidos retenidos
Desodorizante corporal
Mejora tu sistema inmunológico
Limpia y desinflama tu sistema digestivo


lose weight and shapes your figure with the kit slimming of natura network - 3 products for one month treatment: includes 1 be slim, 1 chlorophyll premium and the lax tea be pills!



100% Natural
Controls appetite and anxiety
Eliminates excess accumulated fat
Decreases the absorption of fats that you eat
Helps to reduce sizes in shape fast
Reaffirms and tones your muscles
Detoxify your body
Stabilizes your metabolism without REBOUND.
Generates a higher level of energy
It has antioxidant action
Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides up to normal levels
Helps you to eliminate retained liquids
Body Deodorizer
Improves your immune system
Cleans your digestive system

Red Natura Be slim Kit


The capsule must belim glucomannan is a fiber that expands in the stomach so it gives you that feeling of being full but you have to drink lots of water also has carnitine and apple cider vinegar which convert fat into energy rather than allowing it to accumulate in your stomach so you feel more energetic.

Tea is a hot water bag at night cleanses your colon of residual fecal matter plus it serves all diuretic makes you retain fluids.

Chlorophyll also burns fat and has vitamins and minerals to not have a calorie imbalance by eating less because your body is used to take a capful before each meal also removes cholesterol and oxygenates your body is and that makes scents body as sweat and bad breath decrease

Red Natura Be slim Kit

La capsula belim tiene glucomanano que es una fibra que se expande en el estomago por eso te da esa sensación de estar llena pero tienes que tomar mucha agua además tiene carnitina y vinagre de manzana que convierten la grasa en energía y no dejan que se acumule en tu estomago por eso te sientes con más energía.


El té es una bolsita en agua caliente por la noche limpia tu colon de todo residuo de materia fecal y además es diurético hace que saques todos los líquidos que retienes.


La clorofila quema grasa y además tiene vitaminas y minerales para que no tengas una descompensación calórica por comer menos ya que tu cuerpo está acostumbrado se toma una tapita antes de cada comida además elimina el colesterol y oxigena tu organismo es y por eso hace que los olores corporales como el sudor y el mal aliento disminuyan

Belim appetite suppressant capsule
it is an advanced formula that offers the opportunity to achieve a slender figure taking care of your health and wellness. The combination of ingredients is based on numerous scientific studies that have been clinically proven to help reduce size, shed body fat, excessive appetite control, firm and tone back muscles and rejuvenate the tissues .
Inhibitory capsule consumption appetite and a diet low in calories and rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals will give you great benefits without sacrificing or compromising your health.
• removes excess body fat • reduce size quickly and effectively
• Excessive controls appetite • reaffirms and tones your muscles again • shapes your figure
• Detoxify your body • reduces fat absorption • stabilizes your metabolism
• provides a bowel cleansing • generates a higher energy level.


Glucomannan Spirulina Algae Apple cider vinegar Prunes L-Carnitine
Presentation: Bottle with 30 Capsules



It is an excellent mixture containing teas most effectively so far known to provide a complete detoxification, elimination of constipation and perfect weight control. Its formula combines Green Tea, Red Tea and White Tea Leaf powder added with Sen.

Green tea leaves are rich in potassium and manganese. Regular use can reduce the incidence of a variety of cancers, including colon, pancreas and stomach, and contains amino acids.

Red Tea has many virtues , the most prominent is the facility to eliminate fat and cholesterol in the blood has diuretic , eliminates toxins and prevents water retention, stimulates gastric acid production , and detoxification and purification liver , activating your metabolism , which promotes the rapid removal of fats and cholesterol.

White Tea contains three times more polyphenols, a very powerful antioxidant that helps to increase our defenses and helps fight against free radicals. It helps eliminate fat, is a good ally of cardiovascular diseases and lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

INSTRUCTIONS: Place a bag WHITE AND RED GREEN TEA in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes.

Take it at night. , For best results, take 2 sachets

PRESENTATION: Box of 30 sachets of 2g . c / u




Thecellularoxygenfor your family, every day ...forever.
Excellentcellular oxygenator, blood purifieranddeodorant. Combatbad breathodorinperspiration, urine and fecal matter.Aids digestionand improvesnutrient absorption.Contains vitaminsand minerals.Helpsthe body's acidityand balancepH.Powerfulantioxidant.

Deionized water,vitaminA,D3, E, B1, B2, niacin, B6, B12, folic acid, iodine, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc,and coppersodiumchlorophyllin, natural mintoil, methylparaben, xanthan gum andnaturalpeppermintoil.

DIRECTIONS: Dissolve5mlPREMIUMchlorophyllin a glass ofwater (240ml). Takingtwo or threetimes daily.

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