Vanilla Shake Demograss Fat Burner. Highly Nutritious

Presentation: Bottle with 370g Net Content.

Provides energy and essential nourishment while you lose weight.

Demograss malteada de vainilla Cont. 370g

Is used for its high protein, natural fibers and diuretics. Gives extra energy to your body and provides you with vitality without causing burnout. Lose weight while you increase your energy.


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Demograss Vanilla Shake

Its high protein content, natural fibers and diuretics make it an excellent fat burner while it energizes and nourishes the body, providing vitality without causing burnout.




Amaranth (Marantus Hypocondriacus), Alfalfa (Medicago savita. L.), Wheat Bran, Whole oats, Soy lecithin (glycyne max), Nonfat dry milk, Seaweed, Vanilla flavor.


Available Flavors:


Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate.




  • Helps reduce and maintain body weight.
  • Provides satiety when taken before meals.
  • Reduces water retention.
  • Improves the digestive system.
  • Highly nutrient content.
  • Does not cause hormonal imbalances.


Ideal for:


  • Men and women who want to reduce and/or maintain their weight.
  • People with slow digestion.
  • People looking for a nutritious diet supplement.
  • People who workout and need extra protein and energy.


Suggested Use:


For children: Dissolve one teaspoon in a glass of milk, take daily in the morning as a breakfast substitute.


For adults age 20 and older: Two tablespoons in the morning and evening dissolved in light milk, water or juice. Best if taken before lunch and before dinner, accompanied with a bowl of fruit.



Children under 8 years, pregnant or lactating women and diabetics should not use this product.


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